Bereavement Ministry Team

Focus: Persons affected by the death of a loved one.

Message: “You are not alone in the shadow of your loss.  We walk with you.”


Casserole Ministry Team 

Focus: Persons affected by a time of crisis and/or upheaval of their normal schedule and need food provided.

Message: “Let us prepare a meal while you are dealing with the crisis in your life.”


Celebration Ministry Team 

Focus: Persons who have experienced something for which we can join in celebration and thanksgiving.  Example: Birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, graduations, etc. Could also include bulletin boards.

Message: “We rejoice with you.”


Homebound Ministry Team

Focus: Persons confined to their homes.  This would include private dwellings, retirement communities, or nursing centers.

Message: “You remain an important part of our lives.”


Hospital Visitation Ministry Team

Focus: Persons who are affected by hospitalization, whether short- or long-term.

Message: “You are not alone or forgotten in this time of crisis and healing.”


Member Care Ministry Team

Focus: To keep in contact with all members of FBC by visits or phone calls.

Message: “God loves you and so do we.”


New Member Ministry Team

Focus: Persons who have recently chosen First Baptist as their church home.

Message: “Welcome. Come in and let us get acquainted.”


Prayer Ministry Team

Focus: Persons who have personal needs that call out for intercessory prayer.

Message: “Today I spoke with God about your need.”


Visiting Outreach Ministry Team

Focus: Persons new to the community served by the church.  Follow up on persons who have visited our church.

Message: “We care about people. Come let us care for you.  FBC is a place to belong and a place to become.”


Staff Support Ministry Team

Focus: Persons serving as full- or part-time staff members and their family members.  Provide encouragement and support.

Message: “We care and appreciate you.”